Hello! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cornucopia featuring The Ugly Scarf (Thanksgiving theme).
Cornucopia featuring sugar pumpkins, balls of yarn, nuts and The Ugly Scarf.

Holidays and travel. One of my favorite pairings! Well… except for the higher costs generally associated with modes of transportation before-during-after said holiday, the increased traffic (human and machine), weather challenges and the ticking clock counting down to the when-and-where moments of a family gathering destination, frazzling nerves in the process. But it really is all worth it when you see the smile on Grandma’s face, hug your nieces and nephews in person, and identify–by scent–each and every wonderful food item in various stages of preparation, all for that main event: the Thanksgiving feast.

Getting there

Thanksgiving week is well known as one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, and one of the biggest foodie holidays of the year. And don’t forget traditions–the micro events taking place throughout the holiday that are counted on to be a part of the festivities. What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Enjoying Christmas movies and parades, going shopping, playing (and watching!) football, and eating-eating-eating. All play a big part of many a family’s festivities.

Enjoying traditions

My favorite Thanksgiving traditions? The first that comes to mind: coffee walkies (going for a long walk, then rewarding ourselves with a latte). But here’s one that’s a little more heartfelt. It happens in the first few minutes when we sit down at the table. Taking turns, we say a few words or sentences, some of the things for which we are thankful.

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Being thankful

I am thankful for opportunities. The opportunity to share travel adventures–and good food and wine–with family and friends, the opportunity to write professionally, and a reminder to be grateful for the people in my life that keep me smiling, laughing, thinking (or rethinking) and willing to push myself a little (or sometimes a lot) because they believe in me. And I am thankful for you; I truly appreciate you choosing to read my blog.

So, to all of you from me, have a wonderful, joyous, precious Thanksgiving! I wish you safe and pleasant travels this holiday weekend, and fantastic adventures. J 🦃





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