Have yarn. Will travel.

Day trips. Weekend getaways. Long journeys to far away places.

A professional writer since before the Internet, and a blogger since 2017, I love travel! I have a BA in Communications, a Technical Writing certificate, experience in the hospitality and travel industries and–a passport. I’ve ridden an elephant, looked down into a volcano, and peered out from the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

I enjoy experiencing new places, different cultures and signature cuisine. And with every adventure, be it a day trip or a long journey, my goal is to return home with a new appreciation for what our world’s treasures–past and present–have to offer.

Oh, and what does that have to do with yarn? Well, I also love to crochet, and do a fair amount of that activity during the transportation phases of travel.

As for the scarf in progress featured on the Home Page image, well, that’s what I do with leftover yarn from various projects. And you’ll be able to watch it grow! Stay tuned…

Shoutout time! A special thank you to my family and friends for scarf assistance with photos, and for sharing a few of their own pics too!

One more thing. If I have a great experience, you’ll read about it. If I have less than a great experience, you won’t read about it–I will not promote the location or event at all.  Instead I take it up privately with the people in charge of the event or location via email or in person. I believe this to be the most respectful way to deal with a disappointing or problematic travel situation. After all, I would appreciate the same opportunity if I were in their shoes. J 😊